The Nutcracker

Every year when I was little, my mom would take me to the Ballet. We would get a classy dinner (hamburgers), dress up and leave everyone else behind (even my poor little sister who would BAWL every year). Well this year we decided to carry on the tradition :-)

20 years later...

We think we are ballerinas...

Fall semester Junior Year... CHECK!

A lot has happened this semester...

... My daddio came to speak...

... I entered two competitions (stay tuned to see if I won)...

... Abby left on a mission...

... I did lots and lots of projects! (this is my Spanish Renaissance Window)...

...and the best part, my hardest semester is done! (or at least that's what I hear, I don't know if I could handle a harder semester) YAY!!!! now it's time for Christmas Break :-)

Skype Adventures

Yes, I am at school in the computer lab skyping :-) thanks for wondering!

This is what John thinks of Canada ;-)

Vampire Abby

John is so happy to see my beautiful face :-) ... but lets be honest, who wouldn't be?

P.S. sorry John, Abby, and Alex... please don't kill me for putting these up for the whole world to see!

I heart conference

I went to conference this weekend... YAY!
...yes, this is where our seats were, and ...yes, they were awesome!! and ...yes these are two of the coolest guys I know :-)

I know what you're thinking... OH MAN! do you two look cute together!... I know I know, i agree 100% !!!

P.S. I would like to officially boo the ipad camera cause look how horrible that picture quality is, so here it is:



So, remember how Kelly Wearstler is my favorite designer? Well she came out with a jewelry line! you can only imagine how excited I was when I discovered this treasure! (it only took me like 3 months to post it on my blog)


Alice Lane is my new favorite store. Every day this summer as I drove by I would tell my self and anyone else in the car that I really wanted to go in there. Well, after 4 months I finally found the time to go in there and I fell in LOVE!!!! Everything in there is so beautiful :-) I will definitely be making time to go in there more often.

Well right now they are doing a giveaway. Cross your fingers that I win! go {HERE} to enter


As you all know, I've been waiting for this moment!!! Finally a good ol' fashion rexburg idaho snoasis! :-) yumm

you may have heard a rumor that snoasis distracted me and caused me to crash my car... this is a false rumor ;-)

2 of my new roomies
oh heather...............

Thanks for always providing laughter h-dawg!

I went to J.Crew yesterday and as always fell in love with everything there! This is my ideal outfit... a poor girl can dream can't she?


If you remember from this post, #1 on my bucket list was to go skydiving. Well yesterday I finally got to go!!! It was everything I imagined and more... Here are some awesome pics:

Part II

Ok, so this is long over due! But here it is...

so friday, right after this happened, i was sitting at work and John (the boy) said he found a great deal on plane tickets to cali! I thought "there is no way we can go two weekends in a row!" but it was 4th of july weekend so we had a long weekend! so we decided to go again :-)

was it worth it...? YES! So here is a photo dump of the weekend!

What better way to spend Independence day, than at a good ol' American baseball game.

and of course a pool party!

So I promised more details about the boy, but I don't know what to tell you except... this post is really delayed and we are still together. This has to be some sort of record for me! ;-)

Part I

When you work on a computer 40 hours a week, the last thing you want to do when you get home is sit on the computer longer... needless to say this is the reason I haven't been keeping my blog up to date. Well, here is my attempt to catch you up...

It all started when I found a GREAT deal on a plane ticket to the sunny california for my birthday, so i jumped at the opportunity and bought it! Then, I decided to take another jump and invited the boyfriend to go with me :-) AH!!!

On the plane!
What I forgot to mention, the parental units recently moved to the sunny california... if you put 2 and 2 together, you can see that that presents the opportunity for the parental units and the boyfriend to meet... dun dun dun! Don't worry folks! it wasn't a "meet-the-parents" kinda situation, it was more of a "parents-happen-to-live-in-vacation-destination-and-staying-with-them-is-100%-free" kinda situation.
The Fam ( minus Alex...he couldn't come...what a dork)
It was a wonderful trip, consisting of:
-Parent's new SWEET pool (as seen above)
-Dodger dogs (wonderfully disgusting hot dogs)
-Birthday party

Mainly us at the Dogers game
 top right: me getting pushed into the pool with my clothes on (for the second time!)
Well the weekend had to come to an end... and we parted ways with the parental units and little sis to come back to a work-filled life in utah...


my, what an informative and attractive tri-fold!

work is so much more rewarding than school! I made something that actually came to life [unlike school where I spend hours and hours (meaning like 200 hours) designing a kitchen, and it never gets made in real life!] 

anyways... the moment you have all been waiting for... drum roll please....

TA DA!!!! it's a tri fold 

Welp, there you have it. plus you got to learn about pipe! i know what you are thinking... "what an informative and attractive tri-fold" well yes, yes it is!!!


...was "one of those days".

1.  I woke up and got dressed (which took forever because it was "one of those days") and walked out of my room and my roommate said "you look confused today... sweatshirt over a nice shirt?"  haha... yes, yes i am confused...

2.  I got to school and it was really hot in the computer lab, so I decided to take off my sweatshirt to reveal my 'nice shirt', WELL... that didn't work out as planned, I ended up standing in the middle of the classroom in a bra and tank top as i scrambled to pull apart my 'nice shirt' and sweatshirt so i could be dressed!

3.  All semester i have wanted to try the crossroad's (school food court) bbq pizza and today they finally had it [my day was looking up right?...WRONG] it was the worst pizza i've ever had :-(                      nothing like this--->

4.  headache begins

5.  This is the BEST part.... Sammy's [a local hipster-run burger joint] 
    1. I order a shake and fries [yes to make my headache worse...]
    2. 40 min [...yes literally 40 min] later i still don't have my french fries... RIDICULOUS!!!
    3. so i say something [poor girl is trying to be nice but, 40 min for fries... really!?] and she takes my receipt to give my order to the cook
    4. 15 min LATER... i still don't have my french fries!!! so I go to say something again and the cook says "oh i'll put them in right now" WHAT!!!! it's been an hour and you haven't even put my fries in a basket and pushed a button to drop them into hot oil!!????!!!
    5. finally i get my fries, yet my friends still don't have their food! so i ask for a refund [very pleasantly might i add] and she says she has to ask her manager... blah blah blah
    6. manager comes back with money for my friends but not me [no apology just a bad attitude, what happened to customer satisfaction?]... ok ok! i'm done with this place, i'm out! 
    7. as we are about to leave, my friend gets his food. well my other friend wants her food too! so she goes to ask for it and... 
    8. wait for it... [this is good]....
    9. this manager says "why would i give you a refund AND your food?" 
    10. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!?!!! bahaha needless to say, Sammy's and I are in a fight right now...
6.  we get to the car to leave [we are all very angry at our recent experience] and the car won't start! hahaha...all we could do was bust up laughing! [don't worry, it eventually started]
    :-) tomorrow will be better, the semester is OVER! that trumps anything bad that could happen... bring it on universe!

    Dear Future me,

    So... currently you are avoiding your homework to write this, i hope it's worth it! i hope you didn't fail out of college because you slacked during finals week.

    on a different note, I hope you are happy with where you are in your life and if you aren't.... DO SOMETHING ABOUT!

    Best Quote Ever: "Don't over think it, stop worrying about it. Put your trust in God and He will reveal His will to you"

    past me

    p.s. if you know how to time travel, could you come tell me about some really cool technology they have in the future, or actually... what stock to invest in, that would be great! OH! and who i'm going to marry so i don't have to think about it until i meet him... awesome THANKS!!!

    [while avoiding homework I "stumbled upon" Future me and was inspired to write the above]

    NKBA Student Design Competition

    Lately I've been crazy busy [although I must say it wasn't as bad as last semester] working on a Kitchen for a NKBA [National Kitchen and Bath] competition.

    well today i presented it! I just want to shout from the roof tops: "I'm done!!! i'm done!!!! I'm done!!!!"

    I think i will refrain though...So I have some good news and some bad news... everyone always wants good news first because then it doesn't make the bad news sound as bad, so here is goes...

    Good news: I'm done!!!!

    Bad news: it's just for now... the competition isn't actually until November so if I enter I have A LOT of work to do

    well here are some of my inspiration photos... sorry friends, it's a competition and i can't put my plans up online for the world wide web [emphasis on "WORLD"] to see [someone might steal my awesome design]

    <------ I HEART this clock! inspiration for cabinets
    ^Inspiration for colors                           ^Inspirational window motif           ^Apparently i love urns now....
     and chair style (with urn)                                                                                                    <3
    ^this is pretty self explanatory :-)

    p.s. just so everyone knows, i ran out of pandora hours [40 to be exact] for this month while working on my project... that's a lot of hours sitting at a computer listening to pandora [which doesn't include the time I watched american idol (embarrassing? yes.), listened to Jane Eyre, and other stuff to keep myself partially entertained]

    voice prints

    ok how awesome are these?! they are called voice prints, and they take your favorite phrase or word and make it into art!

    How cute would it be to have a family quote?

    ...or you and your boy toy's (or girl toy's...?) favorite inside joke!?

    LOVE IT!!!!!!