Tree Hugging

I am currently studying for the LEED Green Associate exam (I am taking it on March 14, ahhhh!) and I am also in a sustainability class (basically I am becoming a tree hugger) so today in class we went on a tour of the on-campus recycling facilities!

Top:  corrugated cardboard vs. grey board; tin bundles      Bottom:  cardboard bundles ; plastic #1 bundles  ... remind you of Wall E?

Top: corrugated cardboard vs. grey board; tin bundles     Bottom: cardboard bundles ; plastic #1 bundles

...remind you of Wall E?

Our tour guide, Logan, said that the number one thing you should NOT recycle that people in Rexburg commonly recycle... DIAPERS! ewwwwwww!

Here is a list of some other things that should not be recycled:

  • used paper plates 
  • tissues, napkins, and paper towels
  • plastic bags
  • bottle caps 
  • packaging Made of Foiled, Glossy, Glazed, Waxed, Glassine, and Lacquer Coating (i.e. candy bars wrappers, chip bags, juice boxes, etc.
  • hazardous household waste (i.e. batteries, lightbulbs, paint cans, etc.)

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Moral of the story... RECYCLE! (but not the wrong items)